2008-07-03: v0.3.4.1 released

  • minor updates (typos, website URL, removed obsolete references)

2006-04-24: v0.3.4 released

  • updated bld.8 manual page with all bld options
  • better error reporting about failures during notifies
  • fixed a bug in timeout handling during notifies
  • added safety tests in postfix_policy.c (submitted by Oleg Milaenko)
  • fixed a bug submitted by David Cary Hart in (manual pages directory were not created correctly)

2005-07-25: v0.3.3 released

  • better code against fd_set structure bitmap array index overflow
  • updated configure and
  • put a logcheck configuration file in misc/ directory. ``Omniflux'' did the initial contribution
  • code cleanups submitted by Samuel Tardieu:
    • Use real package name and version
    • Do not copy IP address, work directly on object
    • Wakeup at least every 60 seconds to perform some cleanups

2004-11-17: v0.3.2 released

  • various code cleanups and portability fixes. Code compiles on Linux, FreeBSD 4.x, FreeBSD 5.x, NetBSD 1.6, Mac OS X and Cygwin
  • code cleanups submitted by Bertrand Demiddelaer

2004-10-26: v0.3.1 released

  • added README.postfix that explains how to use BLD with Postfix
  • added Policy server for Postfix: bld-pf_policy(8)
  • added two scripts: and, allowing Postfix interaction
  • added a query to decrement an IP counter and the associated tool: blddecr(8)
  • cleaned autoconf output to generated manual pages
  • fixed some typos in bld.conf.sample thanks to Oleg Milaenko
  • fixed some bugs (in Postfix log reader and bld.conf.sample) thanks to Tim Bynum

2004-10-19: v0.3.0 released

  • added notifies between multiple bld hosts
  • added support for configuration file. See bld.conf(5)
  • added the ipbl query, to force an insertion in the blacklist and the associated command line client: bldinsert
  • changed behaviour of bldsubmit and bldquery to be backward-compatible but more intuitive and easy to use (ie use localhost:2905 by default if not specified)
  • added some tests to be more NULL-malloc-returns proof
  • standardized error messages
  • fixed a bug in configuration files reloading
  • added a MRTG script in utils/ directory
  • fixed a typo in this ChangeLog: v0.2.4 was released in 2004 not 2003 :)

2004-09-29: v0.2.4 released

  • bugfixes (IP address redemption in blacklist, ACL file parsing) and suggestions (detailed statistics on requests) from Oleg Milaenko

2004-08-27: v0.2.3 released

  • suggestions and fixes from Cyril Bouthors:
    • fixed bug with return code at startup (1 when daemonizing),
    • return 500 instead of 000 if command not recognized,
    • add a string after the return code to be more human readable (WARNING, check your client before upgrading!),
    • manpages updates (mostly bldread output format),
    • be more lintian friendly

2004-08-19: v0.2.2 released

  • added options to chose various filenames (-I, -B, -A and -W options)
  • added options to change uid/gid to run as (-u and -g options)
  • added timeout on client connections (-T option)
  • specify filename to save PID to (-P option)
  • added white lists
  • added access lists

2004-08-15: v0.2.1 released

  • code cleanups by Samuel Tardieu
  • fixed bad signal handling while in read()/write()
  • portability fixes by Pierre Beyssac

2004-08-12: v0.2 released

  • moved to autoconf
  • code cleanups, small design changes, non-blocking sockets

2004-08-09: v0.1

  • initial release